blasting accessories

AMS offers the following blasting accessory products; AMS Roo gasbags, pin flags, solar lights and cone sleeves.
ams roo gasbags

The AMS ROO gasbags are a proven and preferred product in the blasting industry. They are specially designed 2-speed aerosol inflated blast-hole plugs that can be activated and dropped down dry production blast holes for faster decking.

AMS also provide submersible gas bags for wet hole under water application.

The reliability of all the ROO gasbags are assured using a patented total release actuator making the problems of actuators not latching in hot climates a thing of the past.The total release actuator comes with 2-speed option, pushing up for slow, and pushing down for fast. Once the total release actuator is activated, the gas impervious multi layered bag inside the robust woven outer sleeve is inflated with non-flammable gas released from the aerosol canister. 

For easy, consistent and fast lowering times down to depth, the product comes with a break-away tab and uses expansion-retaining wrap to keep the gasbag in tubular form. When desired depth is reached, the bag is kept at the correct depth measurement until the retaining wrap ruptures allowing the bag to expand and plug the blast hole.

  • Saving on explosives
  • Stemming enhancement
  • Lower vibration and over pressure levels
  • Improved fragmentation
  • Inflatable design assures perfect seal off
  • Fast and easy to install
  • 2-speed option
  • Enhanced box packaging

Made from UV stabilised polymer which is moulded onto a 500mm length of 2.5mm galvanized high tensile wire, they are a very versatile product, perfect for marking an important position in the harsh Australian outdoors.

Latest technology insert moulding, where the plastic is formed around the wire is used for the ultimate grip.


Our solar warning lights come in different colours as desired, and are automatically photo controlled; charging in daylight, flashing at night. The light features a high quality solar panel and protective PC shell, coloured reflective tape, 1500mAH NI-MH Battery (1.2 V, 12 mA), easily accessible on/off switch and an adaptable base.


AMS sleeves are NON adhesive.
They have been designed to simply slip over the top of the cone to give you a quick and cost effective solution.

"Putting Performance back into Drilling"

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